Death Valley and Alabama Hills

March 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I recently took a trip to Death Valley to catch the super bloom. I was amazed at the fields of flowers and the landscape as well. I have never been to Death Valley and in my mind, I thought it was all flat like it was in Badwater. The architecture of rocks was amazing. I was at the lowest point in the United States in Badwater which was at 282 feet below sea level. Someone suggested that I go to Alabama Hills which was about an hour from our campsite in Death Valley. The drive was amazing. Joshua trees all along the way. Alabama Hills was also beautiful as well with lots of moon-like features, sitting below the Sierra Nevadas and had a great view of Mt Whitney from our new campsite. Lots of movies made in this area since the 1920s to currently. Here are some samples from my website. You be the judge of the landscape.

Badwater ReflectionBadwater ReflectionAcres of the Desert Gold flowers in Death Valley Desert Gold Super BloomDesert Gold Super BloomBesides flowers, some of the colors in Death Valley Arch and Mt WhitneyArch and Mt WhitneyAlabama Hills landscape Cholla on the MoonCholla on the MoonThis is what most of Alabama Hills looks like.


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