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Dennis Lamb - Fine Art Photographer
Thanks Larry Lowe. It is much appreciated.
Larry E, Lowe(non-registered)
Your photography is great. Many years ago when the first thru the SLRs were the rage and Nikon and Cannon were at the top of the list, I bought up through the lower end professional Minolta SE7 so I could use my assortment of various focal length lenses. That was the problem the weight and the number of lenses you had to carry. I was with various traveling groups and a session singer and guitar player in LA Capitol and RCA records were my main employers. The only problem with session work was you needed a second job to survive. I started taking photo's while on the road. I got pretty good and some of the photos I took, while working for various bands and singers and orchestras were used on album covers and promotional material by the promoters and management companies. I would not call myself any where near your level. But, I do so very much love your work.
Dennis Lamb - Fine Art Photographer
Thank you Michael for your comments on my guestbook. It is appreciated.
Dennis, I have been through out the USA the past 50 years and I like to say that you have captured much of what I should have. Up until a few years ago I just wanted to see nature and leave it be. How every, since some of us are lucky to be able to travel we should share with thoses that can't.
Keep thanking pixs and posting them they are beautiful.
Rose Baker(non-registered)
Your photos are amazing, truly you are a great photographer....I am in awe of them.... ♥♥♥
Dennis Lamb - Fine Art Photographer
Thank you everyone for the great comments. It is greatly appreciated. Dennis
Candace Naisbitt(non-registered)
Your work is an inspiration beyond any anticipated pleasures. Thank you.
Rose Baker(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful photos...You are extremely talented...I am in awe....
Pamela Finney(non-registered)
Dennis, You are so talented and what you see through the lens has to be so perfect that you want to share with everyone. But, then again isn't that what GOD's paintings are?.....perfect. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us. :)
Karen Guinan(non-registered)
Dennis, the images on this website are beautiful! You have an incredible photographic eye, and the drawings here are gorgeous as well!
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